Dear Friends !

In the first place I have made this website in order not to forget all the places we have visited the last couple of years. It is always handy that we can look up a trip, if we want to know a particular thing about it, or just for the memories....It is much easier than keep all the photo albums. Also I can update it while we travel. It is like a diary on the internet. Not all the links to the countries we have visited are finished in the English language, but hopefully I will have loads of time to do so.... The easiest way to travel with us, is to click always on the indication ( mostly a seagull)  at the bottom of each page.

In the second place it enables all our many e-mail friends and family to follow us on our trip on the internet, if they want to do so,  as I will be updating it from "on the road" and I will add pictures to it too. 

At last and third, we hope you will contact us to tell us how you are and what is the latest news, so we still keep in touch when we are away. We would love to hear from you ! You all know our contact details.

Please click below on one of the pictures. Not all the links are finished in English ...

Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I will remember,
involve me and I will understand!
(Calvin Mc Woodward)
People say when we get older day by day, some of our memory will be lost. We could not remember everything we did, saw, heard, spoke, and memorized. It is true that I will loose some of my memory too. It is also true that there are some memories that I will never forget.


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